Limited Edition G63 AMG 6x6

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Dimensions: 640 x 245 x 260 mm

Key Features:

  • Scale of 1:10

  • Charging time of 210 mins

  • Working time of 12 mins

  • Range of 100 m

  • Remote control frequency of 2.4 GHz with 10 channels

  • Adjustable wheelbase from 280 to 300 mm (factory standard is 290 mm) 

  • Six-wheel drive

  • Independent Six-wheel suspension

  • The front and back bridge use the independent link type hanging bridge system

  • Six-wheel shock absorbers

  • Top Speed of over 20 Km/h

The peak of all-terrain RC performance can be found in the Adventurer. This piece of engineering brilliance contains some of the most intricate features that you can find on a RC car of its class. Beginning at the wheels, they are made from tough and durable rubber that will survive harsh environments for a long time coming, and even if they do not, the Adventurer carries a spare everywhere it goes. Moving on to the chassis, we find independent six wheel suspension, with metal shock absorbers, that will ensure a steady ride no matter the terrain. The wheelbase is adjustable between 280 - 300 mm to give stability or to let you find your own personal look for the rig. With six wheel drive and a central transverse motor power distribution system, with six kinds of transmission ratio sets the power is sure to be well distributed to the wheels that need it.

Finally the body is made of a tough plastic, that can be stripped and repainted to truly customize your vehicle until it is wholly yours.


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