The Explorer 4x4

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When you’re in need of adventure, when you’re yearning for an escapade, when you have a hankering for exploration the Explorer is the RC car for you. It is specially made to handle any and all tough terrains, obstacles and conditions that the wild outdoors can throw at it. The chassis is strong and durable with 3 mm thick aluminium front and rear bumper brackets and is mounted with molded bumpers and roll cage for extra protection and resilience. When it comes to the wheels they are a hard rubber that will dig into the ground it’s on and get out of any soft spot with its four-wheel drive. As for obstacles the oiled adjustable shock absorbers and independent four-wheel trailing link suspension that allows for maximal articulation makes for an enjoyable ride no matter the unevenness of the terrain. If you’re worried that the driveshafts will be your downfall, then don’t worry as they are sliding telescopic universal ones with the front one being a CVA steering, that is built with outdoor adventure in mind. Finally the it has a compact three-gear high torque transmission coupled with metal-geared front, rear and center differentials means it will have the power it needs, when and where it needs it. Comes in Midnight Black, Sunset Red and Daylight Orange.   

Dimensions: 510 x 335 x 300 mm

Key Features:

  • Battery not included
  • Remote control frequency of 2.4 GHz with 2 channels
  • Range of 100 - 150 m
  • Charging time of 100-150 mins
  • Working time of 15-30 mins
  • Front and rear straight axles
  • Trailing link suspension for maximal articulation
  • Telescopic sliding universal center driveshaft
  • Front CVA steering universal driveshaft
  • Center compact 3-gear high torque transmission
  • Front, center and rear gear differentials
  • Metal output, crown and diff gears
  • Oiled and adjustable shock absorbers
  • 3mm-thick aluminum front and rear bumper brackets
  • Molded Bumpers and Roll Cage with Tray
  • Molded Rear View Mirror, Lights, Mudguards


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