G63 AMG 6x6

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The beauty you see before you is the Mercenary. This six-wheeled all-terrain beast of a RC SUV is built to last in all conditions. The materials are both flexible and durable to survive all the abuse of the outside world. The high quality hollow tires let the Mercenary go over jagged rocks and spiky vegetation without damaging the wheels. With six wheel drive and convex treads on the tires it gets the traction it needs to go up a 35 degree incline without any problem. But inclines are rarely just inclines and due to its flexible suspension on each of the six wheels the unevenness of the terrain will not matter. Afraid of the dark? Have no fear, as the mercenary comes with LED headlamps that will illuminate its path wherever it goes. As you can imagine it is shock and water resistant and will lead you valiantly on your next outdoor adventure. Comes in Health Rescue Red and Guerrilla Black.

Dimensions: 400 x 180 x 165 mm

Key Features:

  • Scale of 1:10
  • Charging time of 120 mins
  • Working time of 20 mins
  • Range of 100 m
  • Remote control frequency of 2.4 GHz with 6 channels
  • Six-wheel drive
  • Six-wheel independent suspension
  • Six-wheel shock absorbers
  • Soft, convex tread tires


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